Thumbnail not updating or all black

I am using 2.1.20 build 2 with 4 V2 cameras and one Pan, all with the latest available firmware.

What I have noticed is that often the Thumbnail
Picture will not update. I go into a camera and view its live feed but often when I come back out to the main screen the thumbnail image is the same one as when I went in.

Once in awhile it will update but to an all black screen. Viewing the camera again will often fix the issue.

Sometimes the thumbnail updates as expected so this is intermittent behavior.

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Same here, 3 of my cams, (1 pan, 2 v2’s), now do not display the most recent image… just black…

Been a couple of weeks now for 2 of them, another “went black” just now… I’m sure they will all,

(12), go sooner or later.

Maybe 20-30 dollar cams only last a year or so…

It seems to come and go with mine. It will usually clear up if I go into live view, wait 3 or 4 seconds, and exit live view.

I’ve tried that… stayed in live view for well over a min or two, at least a dozen times now… (Just did it again for shits and giggles) :rofl:

Still black. :thinking:

Get TypeApp for Android

Dang, that usually fixes it for me. Have you tried Force Closing the app as well? Sometimes that works. Kind of a brute force method. Not sure what causes it in the first place.

Of course I am on iOS and you I believe are on Android so that could mean a different solution for each of us.

Yeah, I am on android …on a Galaxy s10

The black thumbnail issue is annoying, but not as irritating as the cams “jumping” to the left, every time they record a motion event… “zooming” is probably a better word …as the camera itself doesn’t move of course, just the image
It’s now happening on all 12 of my cameras, both pan cams and V 2’s…

It is especially irritating when the thing you’re trying to view is in the bottom right, and the camera zooms to the left, so you can’t see it anymore. :rofl:

… and then there’s this video recorded this morning on my drive way Cam… no, I didn’t get a foot of snow this morning… its 80 degrees. :sunglasses: