This issue is still around

I had a car picked up as a person by the v2 earlier today, is this getting fixed? If not why pay for something incapable of registering things right. This should stay totally free, specially if new ai is being worked on for the next products. I’m not against paying for the service if it gets the job done right 100% of the time.

Btw I’m trying to add attachments via mobile and it does nothing at all.


Sometimes there is actually additional movement picked up that was identified as a person. On several of my clips, I finally noticed a person standing next too or behind a parked vehicle. One time a person was sitting near by, with a small puppy that was moving around.

It is also possible for a reflection or shadows to result in a Person tag.


Yeah I know, but for me personally I haven’t got a wrong detection until today. And I see the people still having the issue. I’ve gone a
Over the footage and there is no one around.

Mine is also

event1603646135000_2CAA8E8D387D011603646135.mp4 (486 KB)

Seems like you have all motions checked, yours is tittled motion which generally alerts for all types of motion.

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