Things That Go "Jump" In The Night

Technically captured by Wyze… I have a camera looking out my front window and it’s practically impossible to turn on motion detection without getting a ton of false positives (reflections on window, sunlight, dog in window, etc.). So I had the brilliant idea to put one of the motion sensors on my front patio. I know they’re not made for outdoors/weatherproof/yadayada, but considering how well the cameras hold up outside I was willing to potentially sacrifice a sensor for science. I installed it around noon and it worked flawlessly all day. Fast forward to 9:30PM, I’m sitting on my living room couch and I get a notification of movement on the front patio. So I jump up and run to the front door and look out the peephole. Nothing. Thinking maybe the sensor had fallen down (for testing purposes I used double-sided tape, and it’s very hot/humid where I live) I walk outside and find this:

Clearly my brilliant idea was thwarted by some stupid green frogs. Hopefully you all have better luck!


( spider man/ spider pig theme) spider frog, spider frog…does whatever a spider frog does………


Oh man, I see your problem … your motion detector lens is frogging up!


Too funny, you all!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


apparently Wyze cams are a hopping good time for everyone!


Better try that before I froget. :slight_smile:

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at least you didn’t JUMP to conclusions about what it was before actually figuring it out.



I get lots of false positives when its that froggy out.

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That frog really makes sense! :frog: :grin:

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