Thermostats aux lockout and circulate

Very interested in these but am wanting two features my current setup doesn’t have.

First is an aux heat lockout for my heatpump. Im assuming this could be done based off zip location rather than an external sensor.

2nd is a fan circulate mode that isnt 100% on or only when the heat or AC is on. Something more along the lines of 5 min on, 10 min off.

Any ideas if these will be included or later development?

not sure about the heatpump, but it does have a fan circulate option

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Nest has both these options.

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Take a look at your wires on you thermostat and control board. Enter the terminals into the comparability checker to see if you system is compatible.

Ensure that the power to your HVAC system is off before removing the thermostat and/or the HVAC cover!

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