Wyze Team - Thermostat feedback

Has anyone gotten feedback from wyze on the common shared feedback here on the forum? i was hoping that we would have gotten a firmware and or app update, or at least a pinned thread noting what they are working on, but so far no feedback or activity on any of the tickets i have open.

  • Not able to bypass heat pump and run coils only. but coils kick on at end of heat pump cycle?

  • Constant overshoot on temp (very frustrating), i.e ,
    Heat to 70, doesn’t kick on until 67 or 68, doesn’t turn off (compressor) heating until 72 or 73.
    Cool to 70, doesn’t kick on until 72 or 73, doesn’t turn off (compressor) cooling until 67 or 68.

  • We have two thermostats = two zones - 1st and 2nd floor. but they are not able to run at the same time, both will show running, but the opposite floor will not start to heat or cool until the other floor finishes it’s cycle.

  • App says it is heating or cooling, but nothing is running.

  • Behavior slider doesn’t seem to have any effect on run time, or timing of cycles.

We have tested and put the old Honeywell back up a couple times since before the holiday break, but on the verge of having to ditch the wyze to keep the wife happy unless we are to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Nothing other than a closed ticket saying the temperature differential for aux heat was temporarily removed from the app. I’m back on my old Trane thermostat since I didn’t want to pay for all that extra aux heat.

I’ll probably give them until the end of the month before I request a return.

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Nothing more than a partially closed support ticket. I’m on my third person in three replies, the last being a “wizard” who suggested I make sure the wires were fully inserted and the app was updated. Gee, should I try restarting my computer too?

I’m back on my Honeywell thermostat. I am waiting on some grand announcement from Wyze that convinces me they have at least heard of a heat pump before I will attempt to reconnect it. I am willing to hold on to it past the return window, and if it doesn’t work out, turn it into a paper weight on my desk at work, as a reminder not to buy any more of their products.

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Smaller, more frequent firmware updates. Should always have one schedule within 2 weeks for known issues after launch. Let’s go Wyze! @Chuan

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Well fingers crossed we will get feedback soon, until then no more new wyze purchases… the wife text as soon as the portable vacuum came out yesterday and said “you better not buy it”, as we have been looking for a small one for the master bathroom.

I am little let down that there has not been a pinned thread from wyze on this rollout., to share the status and let us know they are working on issues. unlike most all the other wyze products, this one has too much impact on our electric bill.

I purchased a Wyze portable vacuum earlier this year and received it last month. The vacuum doesn’t pick up cookie crumbs let alone bowling balls. It over heats in a minute or two and shuts off. I own several Wyze products and this is the first flop.