Thermostat Wiring - loop problem

I’m having problems with getting the thermostat to work. The problem (I think) is that the instructions say you don’t need the connection loops, but then there is a connection missing (see below) where the yellow loop is in both the W and Y. If I remove this loop connection one of these isn’t getting the power needed. Do I not connect the W or the Y? Also there is a metal thing that you can see that is connecting the RC and R. I’ve tried to figure this out without success. Any suggestions otherwise I need to mail it back. Thanks.

You have a heat pump without backup heat.
Don’t worry about the Y/W or the Rc/R.
When your system wants heat, it simply runs the compressor (Y) and energizes the changeover valve (O).
If it’s cooling when it tries to heat, go into settings>advanced> swap hot and cold.

Tell it that your old thermostat uses the following wires: Y, G, O, Rc, C. It should work- if it doesn’t show heating controls on the wyze screen after setup, reset it and , tell it that you have a W wire as well, but leave it disconnected.