Thermostat Wiring - Emergency Heat

I could use another set of eyes on this. I recently installed a thermostat in my wife’s office (converted house). The AC system is less than a year old (heat pump) but admittedly in Orlando we don’t have to run heat often. With the cold snap I noticed the office wasn’t heating up quickly. I know there have been a bunch of issues with Emergency Heat so I figured this might be what I was seeing, however I opened the cover and noticed it doesn’t look like there is anything connecting to the W2 terminals from the thermostat however there is definitely a cable coming off the board.

My HVAC knowledge is limited so am I looking at this correctly? It looks to me like I should probably run a W2 cable to engage the electric heater. Thoughts?

Took a little deeper look into it. There is a brown wire on the board but it terminates to a plug that doesn’t go anywhere.

W2 isn’t connected to anything. That wire would normally run a second set of heat strips, but your system is not equipped with them. The wire that goes to W2 goes to the connection block but does not go anywhere after that, so connecting a wire to it wont do anything.

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Good info. Went back and traced it out and came to the same conclusion. Looks to me like there are two sets of wires coming off the W1 terminal.