Thermostat wired incorrectly but it works?

I have a heat pump and a furnace/air handler.

I received my thermostat last week. Was super excited to install it. Pulled out my old unit and followed the directions to a T. It says its wired incorrectly and after pulling it on and off 3 times I decided to hit the skip button to see what would happen. It asked if I felt heat on stage 1 and 2(I did but I don’t know the difference or even that it had 2 different stages) and then it asked if I felt ac/cool air. And I did.

I just want to make sure I’m not going to burn this heat pump/furnace up.


according to the app, you have it wired correctly. based on your wiring, it appears u do have a 2 stage system. I do too but mine is time controlled from the system, I can tell when the 2nd stage kicks in cuz the blower is much faster.

Okay, just wondering if its a glitch with the software saying its installed incorrectly or if my thermostat is shorting out inside and wires are touching that shouldn’t be touching?

As far as the 2 stage. I couldn’t tell a difference when doing the test on stage 1 and stage 2. It didn’t feel like more air was coming out and it didn’t feel any different from 1 to 2.

I think the incorrect wiring thing pops up if you have a noisy transformer, or just have a high rf noise environment. It’s just the auto detection algorithm thinking it “hears” something on those inputs, when in fact you don’t have anything actually plugged in there. As long as there’s nothing actually plugged in there to your wyze, there shouldn’t be any issues

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