Thermostat will not turn off heat

Thermostat blows past tempurature setting and will not cycle off only in the heating cycle. I have searched the forum and tried fixes but got nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I have attached my Wyze wiring.

This is a picture of the wiring from my previous thermostat

Do you know if you have a Heatpump or Gas furnace?

Gas furnace…i think.

You need to make sure. The Gas Furnace equates to the Conventional Wiring, which puts your White wire on the W pin.

If it is heat pump, then the O/B is used. When using a Heat Pump, the outdoor fan needs to spin in the correct direction for Heat and the opposite direction for AC. So if it is a Heat Pump, there is a setting in the App to make sure your Fan is indeed spinning in the correct direction. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Heat pump and not sure what it is called, but I believe it is referenced with the O/B.


You’ve got it, This user does not have a heat pump, they have it wired incorrectly.

But when a heat pump is running, the fan itself doesn’t switch direction, instead a changeover valve toggles the refrigerant flow in a different direction, so that the outside condenser coil collects heat and rejects it inside on the evaporator coil. The refrigerant flow is reversed from normal, but the fans still spin the same direction.


Thanks for the education on this. I always thought the fan changed. :slight_smile: Will add this to my knowledge base. :wink:

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So is it just a matter of switching the wire or is there nore that needs to happen?

Also, confirmed i have a gas furnace. Trane XB80

You definitely need to move the White wire to W1. You may also need to go through the setup on the T-Stat again. I will defer to @speadie on this.

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You will need to reset your thermostat and tell it you have the following wires on your “old thermostat”:
Rc, W1, G, Y1, C

Also, move the white wire that is currently on O/B to W1.

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