Thermostat will not me raise temp high enough?

I installed my thermostat last night, tested it no problems. What is odd, and I assume is a function of the software is that this morning I wanted to override the schedule to turn the heat up to 75, but it would not permit me to go above 73? I can only assume it is because the cooling was set to 76? I seriously hope wyze will improve the software so that cooling slides up slightly with the heat adjustment. I also noticed that there is no selection to revert to schedule after a set amount of time (oh like revert back to schedule after 1 hour), is this correct?

Agree with your suggestion about moving both when you bump into temp gap between heat and cool, and as far as I am aware, yes.

It’ll revert back to the schedule at the next schedule set point. I think you could also try setting the temp then setting a hold and picking a time for it expire if you want a different result than the auto revert.