Thermostat Stuck on Wyze Logo after Factory Reset

Pretty much what the title says. Did a factory reset, and now it doesn’t boot and gets stuck on Wyze logo. Long press still brings up factory reset dialog, but it again gets stuck. Powercycling doesn’t help. Any help is appreciated.

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Did you remove the device from the Wyze App and re-add the device to the Wyze app after the factory reset?

This happened to me once during an Update (an update I botched) and the process I followed to recover the device was to;

  1. Remove the TStat from the Wyze App
  2. Factory Reset the TStat
  3. Cleared the Wyze App cache
  4. Removed the TStat from power (Left it off for about 5 minutes)
  5. Put the TStat back on the panel
  6. Add the Device back to the Wyze App

Don’t know if this will resolve your issue but this is what worked for me when I found my TStat stuck on the Wyze Logo.

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Thanks! I don’t even have the Wyze app installed yet. Swapped phones and haven’t finished installing everything yet.

I have ths same issue. Did you ever get it resolved?

No, the thermostat was bricked. Wyze fortunately honored the warranty.

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Thanks for letting me know.

For anyone else with this problem:
I got mine to work yesterday. When the LOGO is on the screen, it is in pairing mode. So, I deleted the device from my app and was able to reinstall it.