HELP - Wyze thermostat stuck at boot screen

I installed my Thermostat last night using the app and everything went smoothly. When I was in the testing mode the heat started up and worked, and all was good. No wiring woes - all good.

I finished the install, but for some reason the thermostat won’t move past the initial boot 'Wyze" screen. It has never showed a temperature, couldn’t be adjusted by pushing/turning wheel. When attempting to change the settings in the app, it would momentarily appear to start working before switching back and showing “off.”

I thought it may have been the app at first, but after deleting the thermostat and attempting to re-setup the thing, it wont work at all. After the initial setup the thermostat did update to the newest firmware, so my network connection is obviously working.

It is all bizarre to me because during the testing phase everything worked fine. I am thinking I received a dud. We had to sleep in a 60 degree house last night to boot.

original thermostat photo attached for reference

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Welcome and sorry to hear you have trouble with the thermostat. Have you tried pushing in the knob and holding for 10-15 seconds, then resetting the device?

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I have not tried anything yet. By the time I tried to troubleshoot anything last night I was outside of the support hours it was late.

I will reinstall the thermostat and give that a try. Does holding down the button for 15 seconds reboot the device itself? Once I do that I should be able to re-add the thermostat to my app, correct?

If you read the forum, this issue has already been reported on some devices. Reset it, re-pair to your app, and it should work okay

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Why thank you kind internet stranger. I searched the forum. How about you link me instead [Mod Edit] ?

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That is correct, push to hold, reset, then delete and re-add it in the Wyze app. :grin:


[Mod Edit] Maybe rethink your approach to people providing help. Good luck

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Clearly, it is me with the problem… lol

Hi, is anyone having this issue of the thermostat restarting constantly? It also keeps telling me that I don’t need to connect the green wire. Here is a picture of the previous thermostat

reset after firmware upgrade fixed mine as well. thank you

I already tried that multiple times :disappointed_relieved:

So through hours of diagnosis and steps retraced, along with the wife’s help. Had thermostat working, unhooked it to finalize install. Powered it all up and all I got was the Wyze screen. 2 days and hours of anguish I was Informed by the wife that I somehow missed a step where there is a box or spot that said enable Bluetooth communications during the set up I missed. After selecting the box the clouds opened up and the sun shined bright. The temp showed up and I was allowed to finish set up on my phone app and also use the thermostat. So check that box enable Bluetooth communication and all should be well.

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Same problem here. Thermostat stuck at Wyze loading screen.

Reset, delete device in app, and re-add worked for me too. Thanks!


I was having the same problem. Phone and thermostat would not pair.

It took three thermostat resets before the pairing worked. Seems good now, so far. Will provide updates here if relevant.

Also, be aware if you’re running two wifi networks (2.4GHz and 5GHz), your app device must be on the 2.4GHz network.

Even after I reset my thermostat holding down the button it returns to the Wyze logo and freezes.

I can’t figure out how to delete the device in the app. On the main home screen it says that I need to go to settings to delete the thermostat. But I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you.

Update, I found it. It was below all the settings options at the very bottom of the screen oops.

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