Thermostat screen frozen with 'Wyze' - fixed

After a successful setup (with successful hot and cold tests), and firmware update to 1.1.1, the device screen was frozen with ‘Wyze’, despite any manual manipulation of the wheel, removing and re-inserting the thermostat, toggling circuit breaker, etc. Attempted to delete device and re-install, but this time was not even able to locate the thermostat during the pairing step!

Finally fixed by a hard manual reset of the device (hold down the knob till you get the reset screen). Re-installed device, and now it works! Hope this helps others!

This totally worked. Thanks so much. No idea what would have been different about the first installation? The only change was that I stood RIGHT at the thermostat the second time. First time I was maybe 10-12 feet away… No idea if that matters.

Thanks again.