Thermostat running fan when it's not supposed to

This is such a huge let down. The thermostat runs the fan far more than it should. I only want it to run of it’s heating, cooling, or I tell it to.

Aside from that. It’s too sensitive to temperature changes. I’ve literally watched it change 7 degrees in less than a minute. Due to BS like this, the first couple days I had it, it would heat to a point, then cool it right down.

I really hope this vacuum is better because this is the worst product I’ve ever been excited about. I have several tickets open now and haven’t gotten a single response. Your support sucks.

Not sure about the temperature sensitivity, but for the fan, make sure you don’t have it set to “Cycle” It’s in the app under “Control”. I actually use that on purpose to run my fan 10 minutes every hour to circulate air around the house from our wood stove.

I do not have it set to cycle

Agree the temp sensor is sensitive, but I haven’t found it concerningly off. Cooking steak with stove and oven last night influenced my temp level. What room is your thermostat in or where is it located? Could there be ambient heat behind the wall?

Great suggestion however that’s not the case, it’s in the hallway and on the other side of it is a closet

Did you use the c-controller adaptor? Provide a photo of your wiring connections (old/new)?

The wiring is the same as my old thermostat, except I had to add the c wire. I did not use the adapter that was provided since I couldn’t get any combination of wiring I could find online to work. I literally just deleted the old photos last night

So you pulled new white and white/black striped wire from furnace to therm? Did you strip the white/black striped wire? It looks like it might be interfering with Rc…

That’s where it said to plug it in. It’s a whole c wire adapter, it runs through that closet I mentioned earlier lol

So the white wire with black stripe is in the Rc terminal? If so, remove it and clip is so it can’t touch other wires.

It doesn’t work if I do that…

Then something else is wrong because that’ll cause the heat to run continuously bypassing the thermostat function (on/off). The white wire to C is closing the circuit loop and relies on therm to control. Do you have pic of the furnace control board wiring?

It doesn’t run continuously, just randomly even when it’s supposed to be off. When I unplug the thermostat it doesn’t do it so I’d argue it’s the thermostat, not the wiring or it’d be completing the circuit right now.

It’s more like the “cycle” option is enabled even though it is most definitely not.

The furnace may be overheating and auto cycling/cooling so it doesn’t get destroyed. I don’t think the app would suggest that.

Sorry can’t be more helpful. Without pics of old therm wiring and control board, it’s hard to assist.

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Do you have Coast to cool selected in your advanced settings? If so the fan will turn on to reach desire temp to relieve the compressor from working hard. Kinda similar to the cycling function I believe.

This is wrong.
Do not do this.
You will get bad results and possibly kill your thermostat/furnace.
A 24 v transformer means that there is 24v between the output leads of that transformer, not that 2 different 24v transformers plugged into 2 different locations can be connected together and you can still expect to have 24 v between them. there is no way for the current to make a loop through your devices. there might be several hundred actual volts difference between those 2 transformers, depending on grounding.

If you are using an external transformer, the only thing it can do is power the wyze. this means that your cooling (Y) needs to be disconnected, and your red wire needs to go to Rh.
If you want assistance wiring your thermostat properly, ask- I’ve apparently got a knack for making sense of furnace wiring.

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