Ac won’t kick on but fan will run

I set up the new thermostat and the house will not cool down , the fan will run but not the ac, any help on what I need to do would be apprecited and I can get pictures of the new hook up when I go back to new house. These are original wires I had and there is a jumper between two holes, I also had to add an adapter to the second picture

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Can you also show the Adapter and the wires connected to it.

I will have to get a picture tomorrow sorry I don’t live in the new house yet and it’s almost an hour away. I’m pretty sure the only wires going into the adapter is the G Y W RC

No rush. If you can provide the type of system and model number also.

@speadie , any suggestions?

This is what I think you’re asking for

No, was curious about your HVAC model and type.

Conventional or Heatpump as well. During the setup process you need to specify the correct type of HVAC which then should allow the T-Stat to control it correctly.

I think it’s conventional, It looked like a gas furnace to me, it’s fairly old I didn’t know what a heat pump was till I googled it and I don’t think it’s that

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@Speadie, are there any basic steps they can perform before resetting and starting over again?

It is possible that something happened during setup and the easiest thing to do is reset the device and start over again.

Looks like they wired it properly… it’s possible that as it is a new house, the compressor might be turned off at the disconnect - can test that by jumping Y and G to R at the furnace and seeing if it runs the air conditioner- if not, that means something wrong with the compressor, or it’s turned off/ fuses pulled/etc.

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It’s not a new house, it’s new to me sorry for the misunderstanding, I hooked the old one back up and it’s blowing cold after I took a hose off the side of the main unit in the basement and had to clean these two small holes, the guy who’s house it was before said that might be clogged, after that I turned it back on and it works good so maybe that was the issue, we also turned it all the way off for a day cause he said that it needed to be

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Ah, the condensate drain line was plugged and the float switch interrupts the Y wire to the condenser instead of the R wire to the thermostat. cleaning it out should fix the problem no matter which thermostat is in place then.

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