Thermostat Reboots

Handful of problems with my Wyze Thermostat. Anybody else experiencing these?
-The thermostat reboots on user input to the thermostat itself. It’s not consistent where on the menu it reboots. Wheel turns and push buttons both cause reboots.
-The number 7 was displaying incorrectly for a while, but seems to have corrected itself.
-First attempt at firmware update via iOS hung and failed. Tried again via same tablet and had success.
-During the same time that he number 7 displayed incorrectly, the thermostat would not call heat or cool or fan. The app indicated that it was calling for these, but it wasn’t happening in real life.
-Today, the 7 displays correctly and heat and cool both run as they should, but the reboot problem persists. I changed nothing at all… the issues that corrected corrected on their own.

Simple 5 wire single stage heat and cool setup with a c wire. 28V from red to blue.

Pretty unhappy so far and dreading what’s in store when the robot vac arrives.

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No issues with the 7. But, I have found it has firmware issues and was poorly tested. Overall it pretty nice but it is lacking in full function in its current rev. I still have it installed but its hobbled. I think it suffers from poor testing by the BETA team. I passed on the vacuum but did pull the trigger on the sprinkler controller so I’m not getting mentally prepared for that battle and spend hours doing Beta testing for a device I purchased,

Such a huge difference from the Awesome Cameras and the Scale totally rocks.

I submitted a support ticket. Took a week to hear back. I responded within hours. It’s been another week and no response.

I understand busy, but a week of radio silence between communications is frustrating, especially when the first communication was to request basic triage level troubleshooting that I’ve already done.