Thermostat powers furnace, but only produces fraction of heat

I was very excited to get Wyze Thermostat and add it to my growing collection of Wyze products. I followed the step by step installation easily enough (including the required C-wire connector), was able to get everything hooked up, connect the thermostat to my phone, and power the furnace.

Unfortunately, though the thermostat turns the furnace on, the furnace now produces a small fraction of its normal heat. A couple of the vents closest to the furnace blow slightly warm air, but most of the vents just blow cold air. If the furnace runs for hours, it might succeed in getting the temperature up a few degrees, but generally it’s just plain cold.

I have tried:
Turning everything off and back on again
Deleting, reinstalling the thermostat in the Wyze app
Double/triple checking that the wires are going in the right places and are secure
Checking for any error messages on the furnace (all appears normal)

I’d really like to be able to use the Wyze Thermostat (and avoid undoing all my work and reverting to a dumb thermostat), but I don’t know what else to do. Any ideas? Help!

Trane XR90 forced air natural gas furnace
Using both Android and Apple versions of the app
The wires I had are Rc, Y, W1 and G (which turned into C after the C-wire conversion)

when u removed the wires off the control board, did u make sure to only remove the thermostat wires & connect them to the C wire adapter? I suspect u may have added more than 1 wire on one of the adapters terminal, Y typically will have 2 wires, one for the tstat & one for the outside condensor. If so, you need to remove the non-thermostat wire from the adapter & put it back on the correct terminal on the control board.

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btw, I see you have a unused blue wire wrapped around the tstat cable, you can use that & connect it to C & eliminate the adapter as long as it’s also on the tstat end too.


That worked! Thank you so much for your response and your help! You were correct: I had two Y wires going into the adapter. The Y wire coming from the thermostat goes in the adapter, and the Y wire coming from the outside condenser needs to stay on the circuit board.

Thank you so much for your prompt and perceptive response! You’ve saved me from shivering!

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glad you got it working!

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