Thermostat pairing

My T-stat works good but I changed my wifi and can not pair to the T-stat

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If your network SSID and Password has changed, you will need to run a new setup install on the Thermostat to give it the new credentials.

Best option though, is to modify the SSID and Password in the new Router Network to be exactly the same as your old router network so that you don’t have to do any mods on any devices.

Thanks for the fast reply, I will have to go through the setup again. Have to keep new sstp for simplistic reasons . Do I need to delete the T stat on the wyze app and start fresh. ?

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No. It is better that you do not delete it in the app so that it saves all your settings that are on the server. Just install it as though it were new and it will update the server with the new setup.