I want an easy way to replace my old Wyze Thermostat with a new Wyze Thermostat

Hi, My old Wyze thermostat failed and I purchased a new Wyze thermostat. What is the easiest way to pair the new one? I want to maintain all the settings in the old one. Will it automatically pair when I turn it on the first time or do I need to go through setup? Should I delete the old one off the app?
Thanks in Advance

There isn’t an easy way.

Because it is a different device with a new MAC Address, the App will see it as a brand new device with no previous settings, completely separate from the first.

There is no way to port settings from one device to another.

You will need to do a complete new setup and reprogram on the new one. The old one can be deleted from the App.

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Thanks, not the answer I wanted, but no big deal. Should I delete the old one before I start?

If you are going to name it the same thing, yes.

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