Thermostat offline repeatedly

Same here.
It’ll go offline 4 or 5 times in a week or so and then settle in for months.

Dropped offline again - Log ID 1286282



Log number is 1292821

One of the two Wyze thermostats at my primary home dropped offline today - the one that always has. The other one never has.

Log ID = 1293235
! of 2 thermostats that are repeatedly dropping connection and not coming back online several times per week.

Log 1293422

Thermostat is at a remote cottage. It came back online today, as it does once in a while. I think there are brief power outages there. Afterwards the thermostat reconnects briefly.

That is what’s happening. Power outage resets thermostat, then it does its thing and disconnects. Almost all these disconnect problems are happening when people are using them at remote locations. That is what WYZE has to acknowledge. As soon as I moved into my “remote location”, all disconnect problems stopped!

Of three WYZE thermostats I have, it’s one at my primary residence that gives me trouble.

Read this whole thread and I’m in the exact same boat. Tried everything and no joy. Comes on for a while after a power cycle then off again, sometimes comes back randomly but more often than not, not connected. Also have several Wyze cameras that never go offline. Thermostat is not far from the Netgear WiFi router (not mesh).
Anyway I sent a log while it was offline, log ID 1294209. Cycled power and generated another log, #1294214. I really hope Wyze will address this. Like others, I’m remote from my T-stat and need it to work reliably. Frequent onsite intervention makes the thing virtually useless to me.

Log 1295583

And back offline again today. :rage:

3 wyze cameras on same network are rock solid.

Cycled power, online (wifi) for 3 days then off again, submitted log # 1298177

I took an old school approach. I took a wyze plug and have it powering a relay. The relay interrupts the power to the thermostat. Then it comes on when powered on.

The other thermostat at my primary residence dropped this morning. This one has never been offline before. Log # 1299406

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Just wanted to post the weekly report/update from Wyze for those of you following this issue through this thread:

Thermostat at primary residence dropped offline today. This is the one that always drops. Log # 1301824

Thermostat at primary residence offline again. Log number 1309230

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This right here.

I’m glad I ditched the Wyze thermostat over the summer for an Ecobee premium with room sensor. It was a deal available through my local electricity provider which was significantly discounted (and no, they can’t backdoor it and change my thermostat temp :sweat_smile:).

I’ve added a few more sensors and loved being able to dial in my settings to improve comfort as well as energy savings. AC overcool when humidity is above setpoint as well as staging and compressor runtimes are awesome. There’s a 3rd party app that utilizes the API to give very granular insights like resist profile, heating, and cooling trends to understand your system and home better. With a very similar summer in terms of Cooling Degree Days to last year (and Heating Degree Days this winter), I’ve been able to save money while also being more comfortable. Anyways, Ecobee comes highly recommended. Wyze is too busy determining which Alibaba product to dump their firmware on and private label as their own to support their customers and devices

The Wyze thermostat was there when I needed it. The service guy fried my dumb Honeywell t-stat two years ago and I needed something in a hurry. There it was at Home Depot, affordable and off the shelf. The instructions were excellent, It appeared to be a quality product , I was very pleased! Eventually though, I started having the offline problem. It was a nuisance but not a show stopper.
The real problem was that it would try to run the Heat Pump in freezing weather. Apparently it had no idea what the outdoor temperature was even though I programmed in my location. Anyway, I went through all the troubleshooting but no satisfaction there. I was concerned it was going to destroy my unit, nevermind what it was doing to my electric bill.
So I bit the bullet last month and got the Ecobee Enhanced model. It’s everything that I hoped the Wyze thermostat would be. Now I finally have control of my Heat Pump! It knows the outdoor temperature in fact it will show me the weather report! It also tells me what is running, heat pump, first stage, second stage or gas aux heat. The display is beautiful! And it provides an excellent chart of what my system is doing.
I got my Ecobee off the shelf at a big box store. I noticed Home Depot no longer carries the Wyze Thermostat. At least they were there when I had an emergency. They introduced me to Smart Thermostats.

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Do me a favor and try the application. The data and analytics provided by the API through the application are fantastic. It’s a passion project by a one-man developer that’s been around for several years. You’ll have new insights into your homes characteristics as well as being able to exactly where you need to set your aux heat (if you have any) based on resist and balance points calculated from actual equipment performance. Can’t speak highly enough about it!

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Offline again, log # 1316462. Sometime between noon 2/14/2024 and 4pm 2/15/2024 Pacific time. One of several times in the last 30 days, multiple logs sent.

I finally had enough. Just bought and installed Ecobee thermostat.

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