Thermostat off no display

Thermostat off no display

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You haven’t given much to go on there. Some details as to what led up to this might be helpful.

Did it do this when you installed it or has it been running for some time? Did you do a firmware update? What wires do you have on the wall plate? Did your old thermostat require batteries? Did you install the C wire Adapter? Did you turn off the power at the breaker when you installed it?

Check the fuse on the control board of the HVAC unit. If it is blown, the Thermostat won’t be getting any power. It is most likely a 3A fuse.

Did you check to be sure the breaker is on?

Have you checked with a voltage tester that there is 24V power across the R and C wires?


Since it’s summer, it could be a backed up condensate line that is tripping the R wire with a float switch. This prevents you from flooding your house and causing water damage when the drain on your condensing coil pan clogs. If you know where your drain lines are on the outside of your house, sometimes you can get it unclogged with a shop vac. Otherwise you might need to call your service company.

Don’t try to pour chemicals into the drain pan to remove the clog, you can cause a massive repair bill. Also don’t attempt to snake or positively pressurize the line. often this will cause the line to separate in your walls leading to mold formation.

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