Thermostat off

Everything worked and then my ducts were cleaned by a company, all of the sudden thermostat display on the wall is off. The app says “no wifi”, yet my cameras work. Did a router reset just in case, the display is still off, as if it is not connected properly.
The A/C breaker is on, the furnace switch is ON.

Is it possible they pulled the thermostat cover and then broke connection by bending some of the male pins on it? I opened the plate to investigate and the male pins in the bottom row were wobbly and bent a bit. Then this person blamed ME for breaking it and would not listen that the thermostat was OFF before I even touched it. Maybe they took the mounting plate off and put it on with force? Or what else got disconnected during this cleaning?
How to fix it?

If they broke the pins connection to the board, then they damaged the thermostat. You’d likely need a new one.