Thermostat not cooling house

Hoping somone can help. I turned on my central air today since it was hot with my wyze thermostat but it isnt cooling the house it seems to make it hotter. When i feel the vents the air seems cool but not cold. I didnt have any problems at the end of summer last year. I had this same problem last year but was able to fix it. I installed the wyze a year or 2 ago. I will attach what the original wires are. I have a heat pump. The wires are hooked up as follow
Red to RC
Yellow Y1
Orange O/B
Green G
White *
Blue C
I resset and re downloaded the thermostat
Last year i had white in W1 during winte. Im trying white in * to see if that changes anything.
The temp wont go under 75 degrees.
Anyone have ideas? I dont think its needs a recharge since it comes out some what cool but not sure. And filter is new as well.

Try going into settings>advanced> swap hot and cold.
If that doesn’t help, check your air handler filters, and go outside and make sure the compressor is running and the condenser fan is spinning.


So i ened up installing the old thermostat to see if it was wyze but same thing happened. The fan runs outside but I never heard the compressor turn on or try to turn on. I was thing maybe its the capacitor? I have to order it but figured for 15 bucks its worth a shot. I washed the unit so its clean and filter is new as well. Thank you for replying the help is appreciated!