[Thermostat] - My heat only has 2 wires, is this do-able?

! have 2 heat thermostats that control different rooms. My AC thermostat is already good and hooked up with Wyze. My heat is an oil furnace, and it has 2 wires. Per the app, it states that this is NOT possible to do. When I reached out to ecobee about their products, they told me the wires in my photos are most likely R and W which would connect to the T/T terminals. They also said I could use a [Fast-Stat Common Maker], or a [40 VA rated 24 VAC transformer] to achieve the C wire. So has anyone else done this with the Wyze Thermostat?, or is this not recommended? Support via email did not mention any of these things and made it seem like it was impossible.

Either of those methods should work, although wyze doesn’t support them as far as i know, so you’d have to install and troubleshoot them yourself.

Did you try the Fast-Stat Common Maker with your Wyze thermostat? I’d like to give it a shot if you were successful in your 2 wire existing heating system. Thanks

Since I am not HVAC pro, or have endless income to test things, I did not try this. Sorry.