Wyze thermostat wiring assistance

Can someone guide me in wiring the Wyze thermostat? I recently received the thermostat and a c-adapter. I am hoping it is compatible with our system.

This is an old heating system circa 1970’s. It is an oil furnace with hot water baseboard heating. No cooling, no fans. Currently a Honeywell dial thermostat is installed with just two wires - a white and a red. I purchased a c-adapter. Below are a number of pictures. Thank you!

I’m only allowed to post 1 image - I will try to add more later.

You would be best off getting a plug in 24VAC transformer to run the thermostat off of (one wire goes to Rc and one goes to C) and connecting the red and white from your current wiring to Rh and W1.
Otherwise you would need to run new wires from your boiler to your thermostats, and the connections don’t appear to be labeled at all on the boiler, so it would require quite a bit of trial and error.

See this thread for more info on using an external adapter.

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Thank you! That worked. However I did get the following error (see pic below) which made no sense (I did not have wires in those spots). Per another user’s post that this error is a bug, I skipped ahead in the app and all works well.

@EricL I had the exact same experience. I wired up a 24V plug in transformer, hooked them to the C and Rc terminals and received the exact same error message alluding to extra wires hooked up that weren’t there. Since the only button on the app set up that I could see was the “check again” button (to which repeated pushing resulted in the same error message), how were you able to skip ahead in the app?

I tried a number of times to skip past the step but was never given the option - like you, all I saw was the “check again” button. I don’t know what changed but at one point I was finally given the option to skip it. It may have been that I restarted from the first step in the app. At one point I also reset the thermostat - I did this by holding down the main button for 10 seconds.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thanks for the follow up. I’ll see if I can’t get that to work myself. I had read on some other forums that sometimes boiler systems will work if you reverse the R and W wires (which I did and the system said everything was hooked up properly after I did that), but then it seemed to run continuously without shutting down even when I turned the temp way down.