Wyze Thermostat 2 wire Heating system install simpler than I thought

Hopefully you have an outlet nearby, mine was 2 rooms away, had to drill though drywall and staple the wire along the trim to hide it.
Get 24v transformer adapter that plugs into a wall outlet/receptacle- Amazon has many, I paid $16 for it.
The 2 wires that come from the transformer get wired to “C” and “Rc” on the Wyze thermostat- doesn’t matter which one it’s non-polarized
The 2 wires removed from your old thermostat, white wire goes to “W” and the other to “Rh”.
Then add it on the app, will need to skip a bunch of steps since you’ve already taken care of it.
Wires to choose to advance the app:
Rc, Rh, W, and C,
That’s it, mine works great now.