Thermostat missing settings: Differential Temp, Minimum Run Time

On the Wyze thermostat details page, these two settings are listed:

Where are these settings in the android app?

Differential Temp
Customize the temperature difference before the system kicks in. The smaller/larger the difference, the sooner/longer before the system calls to heat or cool the space back to your set temperature.

Minimum Run Time
Extend the life of your HVAC system. Use the Minimum Run Time feature to set the minimum amount of time the system should run for after you’ve turned it on, even if it’s been manually turned off.

I purchased the thermostats specifically for these settings.


I’m suspecting these are baked into the “Behavior” settings right now. It is not well documented though, so I may be wrong. I would prefer, at least at an advanced level, to be able to numerically set the parameters you note. Perhaps a future firmware/app update can address this.

Maybe, but pretty misleading wording.

Customize the temperature difference before the system kicks in

set the minimum amount of time the system should run

One vague slider that doesn’t appear to do anything isn’t customizing or setting anything.

Totally agree. I see many ppl asking Wyze to share the detailed setting adjustments that occur with the vague Behavior slider.

The slider also does not appear to change the settings noticeably. I have run the slider all the way to max savings and all the way to comfort with no apparent difference in differential or minimum run time.

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I have opened a support case for the missing differential and minimum run time settings.

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4 days and no response on the ticket yet. Hopefully will get some response in the next couple days.

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I’m into my ticket 5 days…ditto

Hi @JoshMN
Thank you for the questions. We have hidden these 2 features temporarily because we found many users are confused by these 2 settings, resulting in an unsafe system. We will reopen these 2 features gradually in our following app update with a better UI warning.
Today the temp differential is 1F and the minimum run time is 5 min by default,
Thank you so much

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That would be great, because minimum run time and differential temps were 2 very important factors that led me to pre-ordering the Wyze thermostat. Instead, we have extremely vague and completely undocumented “behaviors” with no visibility into what that actually means. One size fits noone mentality that I hope is detailed sooner than later

Thanks @Chuan, I agree with Shawshank777 that the documentation is severely lacking. I’ve had the thermostat in use for over a week now and I am still guessing at some behaviors.

Would the “differential temp” that’s currently set to 1F be why heaters won’t turn on even though it indicates the temperature is one degree below the set temperature, and that they won’t turn off until the temperature is one degree over? Is there any information on how soon this can be configured and/or unset? As I mentioned in another thread, the current hysteresis is quite uncomfortable in my house :slight_smile:


@Chuan any updates for re-enabling these features? It’s unfortunate that they’re disabled still

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These settings will be available in v2.17 of the Wyze App. If you sign up to become a beta tester it is available for you now. It will be available for everybody else soon, but I don’t know a specific release date yet.

I am running 2.17.6 and they are not there for me

Hmmm… Then it seems that a support person gave me incorrect information :slight_smile: I hope that the GA of 2.17 will have those settings available once it does come out though!

And I’m running iOS 2.17.11 … nothing, nadda, zilch … maybe we’ll get 2.17. > 11 … here’s hoping!

Going back through my email I saw that I conflated a couple of issues. The problem of the App saying it’s heating when the Thermostat itself doesn’t seem to know anything about that, that is what should be fixed in 2.17. I do hope that the differential setting problem will be fixed soon as well though :slightly_smiling_face:

This is killing my radiator. The thermostat is super-sensitive to temperature changes, sometimes waffling up and down 2-3 degrees when someone walks quickly by it. This often causes the thermostat to start the boiler, which takes about 15-20 minutes to heat up under the normal circumstances. However, not having access to the MRT, the thermostat quickly shuts off the radiator before it has a chance to do anything but waste gas. My thermostat is frequently in “safety cooldown” because of this. You need to get these settings available again ASAP.

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Hi, I just found this topic when I was trying to figure out how to configure the Minimum Run Time. I have version 2.38 of the app, and it still doesn’t show this setting. I have a similar situation with in-floor radiant heat that takes a good amount of time to make a change, so I want to compensate for the super-sensitive temperature sensor. Are there any plans yet to restore this feature (which happens to be listed in the set of Features on the Waze web page for the Thermostat). Thanks!

Yup. Just bought this thermostat, only to wind up here because this feature is not available. I bought it because of this main feature along with one other one. Sure would be nice to get this feature made available to us.