Differential Temp adjustment on thermostat

From the Wyze thermostat page:

“Customize the temperature difference before the system kicks in. The smaller/larger the difference, the sooner/longer before the system calls to heat or cool the space back to your set temperature.”

So, supposedly, this adjustment is possible. How do I access it to make that adjustment?

P.S. If you’re interested: Cycling losses can be as high as 25%. Increasing the differential can save you money.

From other several other mentions of this here, I don’t think the feature is available yet. There has been some speculation that the comfort/economy slider has something to do with it, but if there’s an official answer, I haven’t seen it.
It doesn’t help that Wyze hasn’t even provided a full user manual for the thermostat and with something like a thermostat with all it’s functions and settings, that should be a thing.

Setting the differential temperature is a feature that should be available in the 2.17 version of the App, but it’s not yet clear when that will be released.

Longer cycles will save you money, as we’ve known for 25 years: