Thermostat help followed all steps

This is my Thermostat I need some help. I followed all the steps and plugged in and not working.

A pic of the wyze connections please. And air handler wiring.

Here is the wiring I unconnected it but I marked it up on my phone to show you where the wires would go accordingly.

What is the air handling wiring?

What moves the air? An indoor unit or an outdoor unit?

I just googled it and it’s says it will be inside I guess.
I have a heat pump if that helps with anything my outside AC unit always runs when the heater runs blowing air.

So back to the original question could I see a pic of the indoor air handler wiring please?

So I don’t know how to get to it or what I’m looking at?

Is this a commercial or residential install?
Edit: meaning your home or a rental?

My house

Looks like a heat pump where do you change your filters you’ve got return air and discharge air coming from something. That’s something is your air handler could be in an attic could be in a basement could be on ground level but something is moving the air. Not trying to be a smart alec here just need more input to try to help me understand your setup. Sorry that my crystal ball is a wee bit foggy.:slightly_smiling_face:

Are we looking for this. And if so were are these wires you’re talking about that I need to get to look at

Looks like you should also have stage 2 resistance heat.
Where the thermostat wires tied together with that unit would be nice to see.

OK so the W1 wire and the W2 wire might be mixed up wise is telling me from my original to switch W2 to W1

But that’s not the problem I tried it both ways

I read somewhere to move the RC in the RH wire around and see if that works. What do u think?

RC is the power wire or the red for the wise t-stat doesn’t matter heater cool.

So would it work?

Without knowing the wiring in the air handler. I can’t really say like I said my crystal ball is foggy you are my eyes.

How do I open it up

I am sorry and in no way shape mean or form do I mean to be an ass but it would be worth a service call to get it done proper not on a holiday weekend preferably during working hours during the week to keep it cost efficient.