Thermostat goes to away even though it's not scheduled for away

I am tired of the Wyze garbage. Can one of you explain to me why my thermostat keeps going to AWAY mode when I don’t have an AWAY mode scheduled?

[removed - violation of community guidelines] forum post tags requirements. Way to make me REALLY dislike your programmers even more.

you can have more than one schedule. if you have a conflicting schedule, it will behave unpredictably. Show a screenshot of the page before this one, it should just say “Schedule” at the top, not “Edit schedule”

I have attached a screenshot. I don’t see any other schedules associated with this device.

click the

When I click the Schedule button, the first screen shot is what I see. Now do you see my problem? I can’t find any other schedules or anything, where it ever goes to Away. But, if you notice in the first screen, there are three Homes. The second used to be an Away, but I changed it to Home.

Which brings me to another problem. I can’t delete a block in the schedule once it’s created. And I can’t delete this schedule to start over without it.

that’s weird. you should have a screen that lists all of your schedules. what version of the app are you running?

example from app version v2.5.0 (487):

I’m on version 2.50.7 (487)

no idea then, you should have a screen in between the settings and edit schedules screen that allows you to see and edit your schedules. maybe submit a log to the devs?