Thermostat for radiator type and a thermometer product?

I see wyze now has a smart thermostat.
However it appears to be for normal household forced air systems.

In my home I have floor-based radiator style things.
It is a white pipe like thing with a silver knob with numbers on it that you physically have to turn to adjust the water pressure in the pipes to turn the heat up or down. It’s just a simple screw on thing.

I desperately want to replace it with a digital smart version so that I can control it on a schedule or remotely but I cannot find anything to replace it with.

I’m also looking for a smart thermometer.
Something that I can load up in the app and read the weather readings such as temperature humidity etc from the device. I found weather stations in such that give you the outdoor weather temperature and forecast but don’t seem to have any way just to be as simple thermometer for indoor use to monitor the conditions inside.

Any ideas where I can find something like this?
Maybe wise can make two products like this sometime in the future?