Thermostat & Emergency Heat - Any updates on this?

Same. Wyze is never going to address this and it’s incredibly frustrating.
On the other hand, there are some days where our compressor will run for hours and hours while the system is just barely maintaining the temp inside. It’s [Mod Edit] insane!!! It was 40 here the other day, and ky downstairs tstat was just running for 9 hours straight before I finally went and hit the breaker switch. It was just stuck blowing cool air. On other days, the air will be hot as hell after 30min. I literally never know what’s going on and have to keep a constant eye on this [Mod Edit] thing. Called a tech out to coke and look at our one year old system … no issues.

The heat pump will either run all day and night long if you let it, or it’ll kick on the heat strips when they aren’t needed after 30min. There’s no balance. It’s wild as hell and our electric bill is def suffering.


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