Thermostat display OFF after professional vents cleaning!?

The thermostat panel display is off after the professionals cleaned my vents. Obviously the furnace switch is back to ON position and A/C unit is back on at the circuit breaker. So what happened? I looked at my app first and it kept saying “wifi is not on”, but my cameras are working, I did a router reset, but the display in my hallway is turned off? How can I fix it? Did they caused it?

Yes, very likely the vent cleaning crew turned it off so it would not try to blow in the middle of their cleaning.

Please explain what do you mean they “turned it off” - It all seems to be back in ON position (furnace, A/C breaker), so why it is broken? Do you mean they touched the display?
I read online that some people put the thermostat in the FAN position for duct cleaning…

I was not there, so no, I can’t tell what they did. However it is very likely that the cleaning crew did something to prevent the HVAC from blowing air while they were cleaning. Anything beyond that is pure speculation.

Couple things they might have done: Disconnected the R wire, or taken the panel off of the furnace to release the interlock switch, or pulled the fuse. Those are some of the most common ways to disable a system. You should call them back to have them undo whatever they did.

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Thank you, that’s the response I was hoping for!!

They already did come back and he refused to think that he did something… he saw me holding a thermostat panel in my hand and immediately started talking that it was me who broke the thermostat by bending some male pins. I installed the thermostat yet he talked to me like I’m stupid.

I should have mention that I had to pay over $100 for blower motor cleaning and inspection, and today noticed one red wire from the C wire was disconnected there… I have to go over the rest of the connections!! See if I can pinpoint the problem was with wyze.

I wonder how next time is going to go, if he doesn’t know what he was doing the first time, likely can’t undo what he messed up. I have to either have him come back or pay furnace company to fix it if the disconnected things go beyond wyze system, then send them the bill!?