Thermostat Deadband and Trend Logs

Two features that would make a huge difference in the function of the wyze thermostat:

  1. a 1.6 degree headband option. This is supposedly the dead band of the nest.
  2. graph of at least 2 days of temperature, setpoint, heat enable, fan enable and cool enable. This will give a lot of insight into short cycling, etc.

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Wyze calls their ‘deadband’ a ‘Minimum Comfort Zone’. It is mentioned in the Thermostat User Guide as a default 5° range that can be adjusted from 3° to 10°.

However, I have not yet found the exact spot within the settings to actually adjust this. :thinking::disappointed:

There is currently a #wishlist topic requesting enhancement of this feature:

For the expanded data in the Thermostat Usage Graphs, that is a great feature to have. There is also a #wishlist topic for that as well:

Visit the #wishlist topics, vote for them at the top and add your post to the topic.

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I’m referring to the “temperature differential” setting. 1 degree short cycles, and 2 degrees is noticeable. There is a 0.5 setting, a 1.5 would be reasonable in my opinion.

If your unit is short cycling on a 1° differential, it is either oversized for your space or the room with the thermostat is getting all the airflow in a much greater proportion to the rest of the house.

Again, this is something that you can submit for improvement on the #wishlist.

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