Thermostat bluetooth issue

UPDATE: I tried paring with my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S20 and it paired and seems to be working so far. After it completed initial setup it told me a firmware update was available, so I updated, but I thought it was odd that I needed an update only minutes after installing the app from the Google Play store.

I am having the same problem. I am wired the same way as the poster Sashi. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10. I’ve tried pulling the thermostat off the wall and re-mounting it. I’ve tried holding down the dial button on the thermostat until it asks if I want to reset it. I still can’t get it to pair with my phone. I just got off the phone with support and the gentlemen, while very friendly, doesn’t appear to have ever used the thermostat and says this is the first time he’s had this call.

Yes, I am able to reset it via holding in the dial but that has not resolved the issue. I will try to connect via a different phone this evening. Thanks!

Glad it worked out for you. I will try a different phone tonight. Thanks!

I was having similar issue pairing bluetooth to my S9+. It finally connected with my Amazon fire tablet. Not sure this helps anyone

My wife and I both have S10e’s. I’ll try my fire tablet after I charge it. If it works, I’ll be in a state of both joy and disappointment. Hopefully their programming team is aware of this issue and are working on a solution.

Do you happen to have a Samsung Watch paired to the device you’re using to setup the thermostat? If so, try disconnecting it, then try connecting the thermostat.

I don’t have a smart watch of any kind. I tried my Kindle, no luck.

My wife unpaired all her bluetooth devices and tried, also no luck.

I just received my WYZE Thermostat and my wiring is straight forward (R,Y,W,C,G). After installation the WYZE logo appears on the thermostat but cannot connect to the BLUETOOTH. Since it was cold I had to uninstall Wyze thermostat and re-install my old thermostat and to turn the heat back on and the furnace is working fine. I haven’t checked the wiring at the furnace location yert. Will double check the wiring tomorrow at the furnace and will try connecting one more time before returning the units.

My wyze thermostat is the sane way. It will not connect to either phone nor tablet. Our phones are up to date on versions and bluetooth models. I believe the thermostat is a dud as it will not correctly put out a bluetooth signal. The latest response we received was blaming out phones, which we know is not the issue. All our wyze devices connect great including the wyze bands and headphone.

Mine is powering on but not finding it in order to pair.

Here are my wires on my current unit.

It is an issue with the bluetooth in the thermostat. At first they will say its your phone or tablet but it is really an issue with the bluetooth in the thermostat. I have the same issue and have been waiting for a fix no reply in 2 days. Many people have posted on here having the same issue. It seems yo really happen to any type of LG phone.

I got it to work, just did what several users said about using another phone to pair it. After that you can use you phone to control it. Pairing is just for the setup.

I agree with you. This is a issue with the bluetooth in the Thermostat. This is frustrating and WYZE should be ready to accept returns and issue refunds.
I have tried a brand new Pixel A4 and the bluetooth failed. I tried a old Motorola phone and that failed. What are we supposed to do check with our neighbors and ask to try their phones?

Try with a iPhone. It worked for me
I think iPhone has Bluetooth 4.2. my Samsung with Bluetooth 4.0 had the same issue

I have a pixel 2 and it fails constantly, tried with my son’s moto e6 and it was successful.

worked for me. Thx

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Just got a couple of WYZE thermostats and after the first was installed, I couldn’t pair using the bluetooth function on my phone. Tried my other phone and it worked. In the process, I realized that the second phone I used had location enabled but the first phone didn’t have location on, So after installing the second thermostat, I enabled location on the first phone and it worked perfectly. Hope that helps some.


I also had pairing issues with the device. I unpowered the thermostat and tried repairing and it finally worked on the 3rd try.

What is frustrating is that there is no sync/pairing indicator that tells me that the device is locatable or pairable.

Suggest they add a physical sync/pair button to activate pairing.

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Maybe this is the unclear answer. Because my phone’s location is rarely on unless I leave the house. However my other devices and wife keep their location on. Can anyone else let other’s know if this is the likely solution?

I enabled BT and Location on my phone and the Thermostat connected. Thanks for the suggestion.

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