Thermostat - Aux Heat Control

Wyze is never going to address this. It’s been over a year with several LONG threads about this.

Over the weekend we had to put our old thermostats on because it was so cold outside. The Wyze tstats were just running and running and running. There are three huge issues that I am aware of;

Temperature sensor is broken. It will read “74” for example, while heating to 75, and just run forever and ever. If you manually shut it off or bump the temperature down, after a few minutes it’ll read “76”. So it’s been running for hours, but had actually reached temperature already. That’s one major issue.

Second - heat strip comparability is just weird. Sometimes they kick in after 30min, sometimes never, sometimes if you bump the temp up over 5 degrees.

Heat pump compatability is awful. My electric usage went up by 3x last month. And over the weekend when it was in the teens, our usage for that one day it was super cold and windy was over 300kwh. For one day.


Last months electric bill was over $500 and this is purely from Wyze running the system all day and night. I have a feeling next month is going to be worse, unless we take this off the walls.

Just for clarity - when I put the old tstats on, the heat kicks on with heat strips as it should, and satisfies the temp within an hour on those cold days. With Wyze tstats on the wall, it’ll run and run and run even though the temp has been ACTUALLY SATISFIED - it’s reporting the wrong temp and just won’t shut off when it’s cold. This causes a MASSIVE spike in electricity usage. BUT when you turn it off or bump the temp down, it’ll then read the correct temperature…meaning it should have shut the system off hours ago. Lmaooooo. Toss the old tstat on, and it’ll cycle normally. This is just so ridiculous at this point.

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