I saw this in Wyze web page but could not find the price.
Will Wyze be selling this with Wifi?

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At the bottom of the picture it says $59.99 + Shipping. Is that what you were looking for?

The price in picture is for a Wyze thermostat.

But I am interested in a Thermonmeter (as in picture) euipped with wifi communicating to the Wyze App.

Wow, surprised Wyze posted that, as that product is apparently still in development. So no price yet. However, from the symbol on the display they posted, it is Bluetooth.

That doesn’t mean it can’t communicate with the Wyze app however, as most devices have Bluetooth.

above that image it states coming early 2021…

With Wifi and no hub required, I can check my house temp while I am away.
Bluetooth is for proximity connection.

Hopefully, Wyze design guy will use AA batteries (rechargeable) other than coin batteries like the contsct sensors.

Or Wyze just rebrand Govee.