Wyze Thermostat is live, who is getting one?


Priced as Wyze Headphone. I’m in!

Got it. Very glad it ships december

Can we go ahead and ask for Home Assistant support since we are now limited by IFTTT business model changes? This will be a factor in placing my order.

First time here, excited for an affordable smart thermostat. I have a simple heat only, two wire setup, but the compatibility wizard said it was incompatible. When I go back in and add the “C” wire, then it is compatible. I guess I will be waiting to order until I find out if it works with a wall wart “C” wire adaptor, despite the wizard saying “no”.

Can we get clarification here? Will it work with a heat only, 2 wire system? And if not, what is the “wall wart C wire adaptor” mentioned in the above post?

The Wyze Thermostat comes with a C wire adapter, so I think if you added it in the wizard and it’s compatible it should work. My understanding is the C-Wire Adapter makes it so systems that don’t have a blue wire can work with the adapter.


When I said “wall wart”, I was talking about third party “c” wire adaptors from a 110 outlet. I have easy access to my thermostat, but not to the furnace, and there is no c wire available. Watching the installation video, I don’t understand what the included adapter does.

It’s cheap enough for me to get it for my new apartment. Might try to convince them to let me do it.

I’m waiting for them to integrate with Google…“Coming soon” is what they have listed with the thermostat… Just like the lock they sold last year…it’s still “coming soon”… I will NOT be getting this until they finish what they say they are going to do.

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Wow! If the #(%©-/@! Wyze Doorbell looked this good I would have already pre-ordered one. Good job (and terrible one on the doorbell).

Unfortunately I would have to rewire before I can use any smart thermostat. Don’t want a visible wire running up the wall. :frowning:

the adapter is required if you don’t have a C wire. I have a 4 conductor wire with no C wire & had to install the adapter. I have seen those adapters that plug into 110, I would think that would work for you as you would wire it to the C wire terminal.

Thanks, as the c wire only supplies power, I also can’t imagine any reason an ac adapter wouldn’t work, so I am just looking for confirmation before I order. Confirmed Google Assistant integration would be nice too, but a smart thermostat for the price of a dumb programmable is very tempting.

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Does it support:

  1. Ventilation control to allow for fresh air including timer for that control (30 min, 60 mins, …etc)
  2. Temperature hold feature (hold for 30 min, 60 mins, …etc, and then go back to the previous temp.)

Only if Wyze thought of allowing Fahrenheit /Celsius display setting for us Canadians. Then I’ll know Wyze is thinking big picture on their eco system.

It isn’t up to Wyze on the “coming soon” bit. Google just barely released the ability to use Google home with other thermostats, other than their Nest thermostat. In other words, I would bet it is available by December when these are shipped. Just my guess.

You’ll be happy to know you can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius


According to the video from Wyze, the unit comes with a “C” wire adapter.

I need a lockout feature to prevent my kids from manually changing the temperature on the unit itself. Is this a feature? If not, no dice for me.


They are thinking big picture. i.e. total world eradication of the confusing and dated metric system.