Wyze Thermostat!

Hey all,

I heard about the new thermostat being released in Q2. I’m super excited about this since I have been transforming into a full dad with an unhealthy obsession with all things HVAC. Also, I have quite a slew of Wyze products and I dont want to have to move between apps/systems to control my devices.

I also have hydronic heating system with 4 zones and an AC unit on its own thermostat. Replacing all of these with nest or another smart thermostat currenly available would be quite costly.

Anyone have any information on when, what, how much? Or any hopes or wishes on the function of this unit?

Thanks Wyzers!

Hi just pre order the wyze thermostat can someone let me know is it 110v to 240v if not 240v have to cancel order


Here is what the product spec page for the Wyze thermostat says:

Which can be found here:

Also check out the compatibility checker to see if your setup will work as it also says “Wyze Thermostat is compatible with most low voltage systems.”

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