There have never been fewer complaints posted on this forum!

Because Wyze doesn’t do anything about complaints. It’s called conditioning.

I stopped buying Wyze products for 2 years because I got fed up with their customer service, but I recently came back into the fold to buy 3 smartwatches for Christmas (still haven’t arrived). Long story short, the company has grown probably 10x in that time but their customer service is still the exact same. Some things never change.


Consistency is a virtue….

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Wouldn’t it be fun to get an appraisal of Wyze’ customer service evolution and performance from a CS pro informed by their experience and insight as a customer over 3+ years?

I KNOW there are CS pros on this board but they’re quiet as little mice. Squeek squeek. :mouse: :mouse2:

Speak up, mouses! Let us dissect the Wyze Cat!  :wink:



Well, I’m gonna assert this again, and add a table:

Empirically, I’ll say the forum seems far less active recently, notwithstanding the vehemence of the complaints posted. :slight_smile:

Well, I have a complaint: pricing discrepancies. I bought 3 solar panels last year and LOVE them. I thought I would add a couple more and take advantage of the $5.99 shipping per order offer when I buy through the app. BUT, the price of the panels is $3 higher than the price listed on the web site, $19.99.

Doing the math, I would save a shade under $2. I contacted CS and was given a BS line about in-app specials and web-site prices are not always the same. But “Our product team is currently working for a fix on this.” REALLY? The “fix” seems pretty simple to me: offer the same price on BOTH platforms!

So at the end of the day, I decided not to buy anything. Maybe I’ll address the issue later after the WCO V2 is officially released.

@UserCustomerGwen @WyzeDongsheng @WyzeDave - you all know that I have loved the Wyze company and your products for almost 4 years. I do not post many complaints (except about shipping). And in the grand scheme of things $2 is not a big deal. But, playing little games like this does not look good, IMHO.

the website price is 19.99+8.99 = 28.98. App price is 22.99+5.99 = 28.98. It is the same price for single unit purchase.

App runs a shipping special which is $5.99 flat rate per order.

I know. But, that doesn’t answer the question of WHY there is a price difference.

To make you think you are getting a deal… It’s called marketing.



If they offer the flat rate shipping, they eat the extra cost on shipping the more you order (bigger box, more weight)… So, to make up for what they are eating on the shipping cost, they raise the price on each item by a fraction to recoup their extra shipping cost outlay. A page right out of the Amazon playbook.

And more deeply than marketing, it is really psychology. If you think you are getting more value added services at a discounted rate, you are unconsciously more likely to buy more without thinking about a slight difference in per item cost or the overall per purchase outlay. Customers end up with more in their basket when the shipping is fixed. This equals more sales for Wyze.

Sure, I get the concept. In fact, the break even point for the solar panels is 4.

But, my point is the pricing should be consistent between platforms.

I understand your point and would tend to agree with you. That certainly would make it easier for all of us. But, at the same time we can’t assume that the overhead cost of processing and fulfillment is the same between the two platforms. The margin on one is obviously lower than the other or there wouldn’t be any point in enticing a choice between the two.

A short backstory: I bought 2 V2 cameras in July of 2018. I have been an “Early Backer” of most of their product. I now have probably over 100 Wyze devices. I had the good fortune to beta test some of their products. I have NO problem with Wyze making a profit! We all lose if they go out of business.

What I’m trying to say is if the price were the same on both platforms, even if it’s the HIGHER price, I would be fine with that. If they are trying to promote in-app sales with the flat rate shipping, go for it. I would have bought the 2 panels today in the app to save on the shipping costs. I know I would have saved $2 the way things are set up now. But, in my opinion, it looks like they are playing games and that’s a bad look.

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No backstory needed. And I am not disagreeing with you nor am I justifying the decision of Wyze to present disjointed and incongruent price offerings. Especially since existing customers are theoretically the only ones ordering thru the app after having previously installed purchased hardware whereas new customers would be more likely to purchase from the website. So where is the volume…repeat customers or initial sales? Only Wyze can reveal. And we haven’t even considered the price difference in 3rd party online and POS sales.

I’m just throwing out some theories for the possible reasons Wyze has chosen this one isolated area to confuse costumers… Oh wait… Now I have truly gone off the deep end! Tagging out!

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I can fix that if you like.

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.   :wink:

All’s I have are v2s, original bulbs and plugs on Cam Plus Lite doing stupid human tricks via Person Detection and Rules.

That said, everything’s quite stable for me recently. Kind of fun to use. :crossed_fingers:

I know, I know…

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Well, things are a little less fun for me than 18 mos ago (some annoyances I’ve had to work around) but still acceptable overall.

Wyze claims 1M+ Cam Plus subs now. That’s 200%-plus growth since early 2022.

And still the boards, I’d say, are quiet. Which is why I make this post. :slight_smile:

Maybe people don’t like :frog: (s) or they are just exhausted and frustrated? I got a new V3 for a spare a few weeks ago, arrived in a few days via U.S. Postal Service and I set it up and updated the firmware. I think I will put it outdoors tomorrow in place of my backyard WCO. More :raccoon: :raccoon: videos for Captured on WYZE. :joy: :joy:


Could be…

To be honest, I’m living my best life right now! I’m retired and I get to babysit my granddaughter 3 afternoons a week. I am planning for a month in AZ in February.

My only “complaint” at present is that I don’t have any more places to put all these extra cameras I bought. :rofl:

Seriously, in spite of the whining I posted above, Wyze has been rock solid for me. I keep buying their products for a purely selfish reason…to make sure they stay in business,

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Mike! I didn’t scan the whole thread (focused on the table, I think.) Look at you kvetching, I love it. You’re right, you don’t do that much. :wink: