Themostat not starting A/C compressor

Setup my Wyze Thermostat over the winter. I thought during the testing my A/C compressor kicked on but I may have been mistaken. Now that it is warming up it is not kicking on. I took pictures but it was hard to get a great angle.
Original Setup at furnace: Green > G White (from compressor) > Com 24V White > W Yellow > Y/Y2 Red(from compressor) > Y/Y2 Red > R
New Setup at furnace: G > G C > Com 24V White(from compressor) > Com 24V W > W Y > Y/Y2 R > R
C-Wire adapter: Green > G Red> R White> W Yellow > Y Red(from compressor) > Y

Please let me know what I did wrong.

Would be alot easier if you could post pictures. Double check the Y wire from your compressor is connected to the Y1 terminal of the thermostat base

The furnace board should have 2 Y wires on it, one from the C adapter, and one from the compressor. if you only have 1 wire on the furnace’s Y terminal, and it comes from the C adapter, then it will not work, you need to find the point that the Y wire is spliced and make sure that both the thermostat and the compressor have a straight path to the furnace board.