Thermostat turning AC compressor on when set to heat

I just installed the wyze thermostat and when I set it to heat, my AC compressor kicks on as well and the air isn’t as warm as it was prior with the old thermostat.

This is how my old one was set up and I connected all the wires the way the Wyze App told me to, so it’s wired correctly.

The old thermostat didn’t run the AC compressor at the same time so why is it doing so now?

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Do you have a photo of how you wired your Wyze Thermostat? I am not seeing the blue C wire in the old thermostat so I am curious if you had that unused in the bundle and connected it to power the Wyze Thermostat.

In the Thermostat Settings, Advanced, look for a setting that states “Switch Heat and Cool”. See if that corrects it.

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I agree with what @SlabSlayer is saying. Have one question, do you a heat pump or conventional HVAC System?

Normally, the White Wire is the Heat and the Yellow is the AC. Seeing that you don’t have a wire to O/B, would indicate that you have a Conventional HVAC system and not a Heat Pump. When you go through the setup, make sure you setup the correct type of system.

Also, without the C Wire hooked up, you won’t have the necessary power, so make sure you hook up the blue wire.

You’ve got a series wired compressor, so when you installed the C adapter, it sends power down the Y wire which is intercepted by the compressor contactor before it can reach the Y wire on the C adapter. You need to find the splice point where the wire from the furnace goes outside to the ac contactor and install the C adapter there instead.