The Zig-zagged Snow in a Backyard in Ole Kaintuck

Just testing out my new cam and thought I’d point it out the back window so I would get some notifications without being bombarded by traffic going by in the front.

It’s not the cleanest of windows, but you can tell where my Jack Russell prefers to walk in the yard, and how this aging tree is holding up in maybe its 70th year.

you can probably get rid of the reflection by putting the camera as close to the window as possible. I also put some back paper between the camera and window (sort of a lens hood) and that also got rid of most reflections for me

It’s a temporary location. And the reflection goes away as the sun moves along. But I do think a flat black model is in order.

that’s when I had problems also with the sun. Black would help. I covered the front of camera with black paper with holes cut out for the lens. Also the little lens hood I created helped.

I am going to try a black sharpie on the front to test if that helps.

The sharpie works perfectly! You can make it black or brown and you can also paint the court if you have pationce. It really helps so that you can hide it. It dries almost instantly so there’s really no mess even. It Will probably take about five minutes to do the cord but to paint the camera itself it should only take a minute or two. And you can paint it any color that sharpie makes! Thank you for this idea!

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