The Rule Team would like you to vote on some Rule Actions

I’ve been doing this same thing for a while now in Google Home, since that’s where I use most of my automations. I used to group things together by beginning routine phrases with the same words, but eventually I hit on the idea that using 1-3 emoji at the beginning of a routine name is an easier visual cue for me when I’m rapidly scrolling a long list. That helps me to organize my routines in makeshift groups since Google Home wants to sort them alphabetically.


This is exactly what I would love to see!!! We don’t need 10 random actions. We need customization.

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don’t forget multiple device triggers like we used to have many moon ago.


if cameras A OR B OR C detect a person…x happens.

we used to have multiple triggers for a rule and with so many devices it would simplify the million rules I currently have. :slight_smile:


To be honest, I see this topic as more of Wyze telling me that integration with other systems is not going to happen and with IFTTT making web hooks a part of their pro package, I guess I’m moving forward with another camera system. I have several other smart home products that are not Wyze and I’m not replacing them with Wyze. I need cameras that will work with Home Assistant. Thanks for the years but time to move on.



I’d like to see Rule Priorities; I have rules set to turn on lights when the front door is opened, but I have a different rule to change the brightness if the home monitoring is armed and the front door is opened. It seems to execute the home monitoring rule, then the other rule. Would be nice if I could set priorities and something like “Do not execute any further rules for this device”

I agree with this response from TekWarren. I am at a loss as to why rules in Wyze are so specialized. most of them I will never use but have alot of other areas that I need my own specialized rules. back in my days of using Zwave devices I used a hub called Axial that you could basically create custom rules based on device status, if, and, or statements and triggers. this is the functionality I would love to see in Wyze and can’t figure out why it isn’t there in todays market.


:blush: I’m betting the rules team might be thinking the poll isn’t working as well as they had hoped.

It may have been better to turn off comments. It’s apparent the list does not satisfy many. While they may end up with many more responses than comments, it won’t mean everything since not everyone is motivated to write out their wishes.

As for limitations mentioned by many, I don’t know that most of us understand how much of rules is handled by the cloud account vs. onboard camera rom memory. The simplistic nature of the rules seem to suggest there isn’t much room wherever it’s functioning. These are just my comments/thoughts for what it’s worth.

BTW @rules team, hopefully you all will remember to fix this rule breaking floodlight motion setting scenario.


I second the above! When Wyze rules didn’t work the way I expected them to, I went to IFTTT but Wyze hasn’t exposed very many rules to third parties. It’s ridiculous. Please focus on fixing the existing functionality before adding new functionality that almost nobody needs!

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actually, I think this is working quite well with a lot of very useful constructive insights for the Rules team.

The voting list of the original post were not my priorities.

I was about to start typing but my input has been covered by others.


Agree. It just annoys me that every night I have to turn my sensitivity down to avoid triggers from passing headlights and then turn it up again in the morning so people are detected. Give us the wherewithal to create our own rules.

Timer not just to turn on for x minutes but for everything.

Case scenario : its dawn, light turns on wa white at 35%.
Event rule; doorbell detects motion, light goes 100% cold white TIMER HERE for 3 minutes then goes back to warm white 35%

at the moment we can only say “stay on for x minutes” but why just turn off?

Could be when user is detected in zone 1 open corridor light 1,Then after 2 minutes turn on light 2 and lock the door.

There are so many possibilities

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I keep my iPhone in silent mode most of the time, but when a camera event hits, I get the alert. That’s good. Because I’m nocturnal, I put the Phone on Do Not Disturb at 5am. What I’d really like is a setting to allow the camera to alert while in DND mode - like when I have a service person coming, so I know that they’ve arrived.

Granted, I could turn off DND mode, but I’d like the cam to alert without turning off all of the DND features.

If I have an alarm (clock) set, the alarm sounds, whether I’m in DND or not, so I’m pretty sure that DND can be overridden in software.

Leave DND on. Add a DND exception for the Wyze app in iOS settings. Create an iOS shortcut to easily turn exception on/off.


That works, but there’s a twist. In earlier versions of iOS, DND was found under Settings > Do Not Disturb. In iOS 17 (which I’m using), it’s now under Focus.

In Focus>DND, there are two panels: one to allow certain people through, and another for apps. I’ve added the WYZE app as you suggested.

I still have to work out the toggle, but I’m halfway there at this point.


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I agree with the Triggers I wish they had a way to trigger the alarm on the V3 and Pan v2. where you could schedule the alarm to activate if you get a person detection between say 11pm and 5am or something like that instead of just recording it, an alarm might deter would be thieves from taking anything instead of just recording them taking it.

This is already a rule.

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My OGs already have a “turn on spotlight for x minutes” - I guess not all of them have this?

The one I really want and I think maybe people aren’t realizing how useful it would be is to turn night vision on/off (in reality I came here to suggest turning the IR LEDs on and off but this one would accomplish same/similar).

The issue I have with a Pan v3 that is in my driveway is that it has more than enough light to detect motion, but not enough to get a good detailed image of a face etc. So I have night vision set to “auto”. Problem is, the IR LEDs attract bugs and reflect off rain drops (even light mist), causing the camera to constantly log events and track motion all over the place. Having the LEDs (or night vision) off until it detects motion would solve this issue, reduce the false alerts, and save a lot of wear and tear on the motors. I can’t be the only one noticing how many bugs and reflections the IR lights cause?

Of course the rule would need a way to turn them back off after motion stops, preferably x minutes after motion stops. Otherwise, not that useful.

I think it would be more ideal to just have a rule to turn on the night vision LEDs for x minutes (tied to a “when motion is detected”), leaving night vision mode and its increased exposure separately configurable. But really anything that can accomplish turning the IR LEDs on and off for motion only would be great.

In fact I’m wondering if cycling night mode on and off causes more wear and tear than just the LEDs (and also takes longer), you can hear the IR filter flipping into place when it switches and it takes a second or two to adjust exposure. Turning the LEDs on and off seems much faster.

My original thought was to just add it into the settings - night vision LEDs on, off, or when motion detected as a new 3rd option. But seeing as a rule might potentially be in development already, seems that will be the quicker route.

100% agree with your writeup about Wyze. I am relatively new to Home Assistant and the one thing that blares out to me is the updates that HA does. They are incredible and having the plethora of information about their changes is refreshing to me. Wyze needs to catch up with the rest of the industry and realize that no integration with 3rd party will cause a loss in customer support. They are stuck with old implication of new products. CLUNKY is the best I can describe their perfunctory attempt at implementing up to date UI and UX. My Wyze purchases have dwindled because of this. Furthermore, what really angers me is that I cannot monitor (without the app of course) the sensors, especially the battery voltage or percent of charge left. The information is there and I know this because I used get a log with this information from Hubitat, which BTW is also in dire need of an updated UI and UX. I guess we can really have fun when Matter gets implemented. But then again, does it really Matter to Wyze?

How do you select those items to vote for?