The odd things I catch with my Wyze Cam V2

This video is one of the more recent ones that I was lucky enough to be recording when it happened. The really interesting part begins about :32 seconds in to it.
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since i am new, i cannot upload the video, so i will add a link below to view it on google drive.

Umm… are you talking about the weird artifact caused by a water droplet? Because that’s the only thing I see happening at the 32s mark.

Not to rain on your parade though(see what I did there ;-p ), water droplets can create all sorts of really cool effects on camera feeds, photo imagery, etc. But if you were thinking it was something paranormal or some such, well, just goes to show that a logical explanation should always be explored when wading in (potentially) extraordinary waters.

Thanks for sharing, regardless of what your suspicion was!

PS - on watching a 2nd time, I’ll give it to you that at the very least, it looks pretty damn cool, if not a bit spooky

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What’s interesting to me is the camera lens is very small, so that teeny speck of water was really, really tiny. A mist, really. That means what we saw was a tiny drop of water evaporating before our eyes in a matter of seconds. AND it was aligned with that street light for a cool special effect! :slight_smile:


LOL, Then there is the guy with his shorts falling off at 2:55, looking for the phenomenon :rofl:

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I was thinking the same thing regarding the droplet’s perfect alignment with the light. I can totally see how someone might see this and conclude something otherworldly is afoot because it makes for a pretty freaky coincidence

Edit - is that you at 2:55 OP? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks like an interdimensional space amoeba. :alien:



I have to ask, was it just a single water droplets that found its way onto my camera, that was under an awning where water could not get to it? Plus, it wasn’t raining. Though I appreciate your view, I have gotten this on camera several times, at different locations , with different cameras, including other people’s cameras. I will get you a link to a couple you will find interesting on my YouTube page , if you would not mind looking at them when you have time. I noticed that when, what ever it is, goes away, wack one goes into a light source, and no two go into the same one, and they all for at almost the same time. I will put link on a response to you

here are links to a few of my videos that could be relevant to our subject:
(plasma energy light webs - YouTube) this was the first time i found these on my camera recordings. the entire thing is noteworthy, once it starts, it doesnt stop until they all go away
(orbs , plasma, lights, web, energy (part 1 of 3) - YouTube) - this is actually 1 of 3 videos from the same event, noteworthy somewhere near 2:45, i have not posted the other two yet, but the entire thing lasted about 22 hours, and well in to the day time
hope you enjoy them. they are all from a wyze camera if i remember right

Hey OP, thanks for sharing.

So after watching the first video in your post from 8 days ago I was prepared to follow it up by echoing what I’d said in my original response but then I watched the second video. While I’m not necessarily prepared to come to an otherworldly conclusion based on that alone, I will say that it looks much different and doesn’t quite resemble a water droplet(s) the way that the first 2 did.

I’ll hand it to you that regardless of what the explanation/cause of whatever we’re seeing is, it makes for some interesting viewing and may even prompt one to ask questions not generally found in one’s daily routine.

Thanks again for sharing. Please keep us informed/share if you catch any more like it


Hey OP. I know it’s a year later at this point but just curious if you have caught anything else on your v3s that defies (easy) explanation?