The largest person EVER

This is what I get now with PERSON detection turned on. It’s yet to actually identify a person as each “person detected” is ALWAYS a car or a truck. I’m using a cam v3.

The green box is not actually what it’s detection, that’s just what is triggering the motion.

I bet the statue in the far right of the image is what it’s actually detecting. You can try blocking it off with a detection zone


Corrected post


What scarecrow type thing? What front door? The misidentified “person” as a vehicle started happening two weeks ago. It was fine before then.



It’s actually a Jesus statue. I’d tend to disagree and think it could be the truck driver.
I “believe” the AI runs in the cloud and maybe you got hooked to an AI node with an issue?
@kansascitygreek I’d submit everyone of those videos to support. Here a dog, clear as day for over 5 seconds and the AI failed big time and does so 50% of the time. My old regular v3 cam was better.

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Thank you! I had no idea what he was talking about as there was no “door” in my still shot, either. I have been submitting every one of the incorrect identifications to support. The statue has been there for years and certainly ever since I installed the cam. Only recently has every vehicle… traveling in any direction… registered as a person. I also have a large statue of Mary on my back porch that NEVER has registered as a person. (Sorry, Mary!)

Sorry, I was in a hurry and didn’t realize what that was. I corrected my original post.

Wyze pushes AI updates frequently and they generally improve the accuracy for most, but in some cases specific things can get worse.

It may not be that statue, it could be anything else in the frame that resembles a person in any way. The traffic cone, the sign post, etc.

It may still be worth trying to block off some of those items using a detection zone because an AI update or even a lighting change could have changed what it thinks.


OP is correct.
I have multiple v3 exhibit same issue for some time… def. 1 wk +
AI showing vehicles as person. There is clearly problem.

FWIW, when the AI is updated monthly, there is always a possibility of it starting to identify objects in a cam’s field of view that were never previously tagged as an AI object. As the AI evolves, there is always the possibility of it becoming overly sensitive to a specific shaped object and starting to tag it.

But, the fact remains that the green box has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the AI server or the tagging process. The green box is overlaid onto the video when the cam records and uses the cam Firmware to mark motion. It is on the video before it ever gets uploaded to the server for AI interrogation. You can test this by turning all AI detection and motion detection off in the Event recording which will block all uploads. The green motion tracking box will still be on the SD Playback recorded video.

The object in motion, regardless the size, may trigger the motion event and upload, but the AI bot has no preference or priority for moving vs non-moving objects. Everything in the frame visible in the included DZ is run thru the AI bot for interrogation, both moving and not moving.

Determining the motion that triggered an upload is relatively easy. Finding the mystery object that is being tagged is not so easy. Wyze doesn’t currently mark those. It took me trial and error with the DZ blocking out specific inanimate objects before I found my mystery person (my mailbox with a bush in front). Once I blocked it, no more false positives.