The Hidden Costs Of Value

Hey Wyze community. Recently I had a need to investigate the issue of out of control log files being created on my smartphone by the Wyze app, which you can read more about here.

This interestingly led me to learn more about the real cost of the value we receive from Internet-Of-Things devices such as Wyze products. At the end of the day, the ease of implementation and convenience of these devices may be well worth it, as long as you know and accept the additional cost to privacy and security. Check this article about just how vulnerable IoT devices are.

I personally have come to terms with the cost, but would be interested to hear the sentiment of others regarding this.


  • log_*.txt files that were being created by Wyze
  • a highway to your devices

If you understand what you’re giving up it’s a reasonable deal with the devil. I’ve chosen to mostly trust Amazon for home control, not that I love the idea. (At least I’m arguably their paying customer and not entirely an adclick product for them to resell.) Their Echoes and Fires are too cheap and their ecosystem too developed to ignore. Meanwhile I wouldn’t trust Google or Apple for a moment to do the same thing.

And my future goal is to get off the teat and get Home Assistant running in as offline mode as possible. Some former posters had a lot of good things to say about HomeKit in this regard, but no thanks to Apple for me.

Again, you pick your poison for as long as you can tolerate it.

The greater concern is the majority of people who don’t know and don’t care about the difference. Don’t stay logged in to Google as you go about your day!


There are some great things happening with open source AI… sooner than later it should be possible to create a smart home hub with alexa/siri/google assistant like abilities, without having to marry in to one ecosystem or another.