The Future of Wyze is Coming Part 1

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Congrads. Placed an order for your v2 cam. Looking forward to new products and future versions of existing cameras.

Doorbell cam hardwired to the ringer power source would be on my list of must have. Battery powered outdoor unit would be nice.

Congrats!!! Can’t wait for the new things to come.

Congratulations :+1: Keep up the great work.

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Native SmartThings integration would be awesome, there is very little compatible cameras.


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So glad Wyze is not stopping at cameras and is looking to provide more solutions. Would Wyze be open to ideas centered around modernizing baby transportation safety?


Open to the idea but making no promises. What did you have in mind? :slight_smile:

Using advances in our technology to help limit the number of infants being left in car seats (average of 37 children die each year being left in vehicles).

7/20/2018 Source: Hot car deaths: More than 36 kids die in hot cars every year | CNN

That’s horrible and so sad… :frowning:

If you would like, you can request a product type in the Roadmap category of the forum. This may be outside of our scope especially with the emergency nature of this but we’d consider it. :slight_smile:



You should add that to roadmap.

I think this is possible today via the API any smart doorbell should be able to trigger the Wyze cam to begin recording. A wyze cam pointed out the front window should be set to motion & sound detect and that should do it today.

Are you just wanting the form factor of a compact doorbell button w/ the camera?

I agree the standard smart doorbell cam is $200+.There are market opportunities there for sure.


Perhaps less effort can be spent on the future and more time spent on the growing list of problems the current v2 cam has. If I had known the current issues would be an issue for so long, I would of never bought cams. If you want to refund all money’s spent, I’d be happy to give your cams back.

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Because homes are already required to have certified and working smoke and CO2 detection alarms when home sales are made, it is not feasible nor cost effective to add these detectors in Wyze Cams. Besides, the placement of smoke and CO2 monitors do not necessarily coincide with the optimum placement of security cameras. My recommendation is to keep them separate and let them be effective in the tasks they are designed to accomplish.


Where did you purchase your Wyze Cams? How many?

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. If you can give more information on when you encountered the issues and if you have an open ticket, we can help follow-up with the team.

@WyzeGwendolyn @BrandonS

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Not sure where you are referencing, but I just bought a home in NW Ohio- with a VA loan (so tighter rules than most loans) and it did not require the home to be equipped with certified and working smoke and CO2 detecters. We did have a smoke detector, but there was no battery to it… CO2 was put in by us.

It depends on the state.

Volunteer moderators DEFINITELY don’t have that access. I may be able to find it, though. :slight_smile: