The Future of Wyze is Coming Part 1

You can buy through they ship to the UK. I’ve ordered twice without any delivery problem.


Congratulations and best wishes for continued success. I love the freedom from restrictions that so many other manufacturers place on their products. Any chance there is a hub in development? Something that could be a central storage location for video while provided greater access security?

There was, it’s probably still on #wishlist or #roadmap. Here’s the link to it’s cancellation.

And here’s the #wishlist topic:

Heck yeah!!!

Looking forward to the new devices…

I hope you can also develop a web app for monitoring events as well as add notifications to phones even if the app is not running in the foreground. Great products and I’ll keep using them for sure! Thanks for making them and more importantly at a great price.

Are you not getting notifications? That’s not by design. The app should send notifications. It doesn’t need to be running in the foreground for that to happen.

Yes… Opps. Didn’t have the Wyze app on for notifications. It was hidden until I saw the “Show all apps” option.

Thanks for the info on having notifications.



Glad you got it figured out! :slight_smile:

I found the future of wyze


Where did you find this picture? :grinning: Looks like a screenshot from YouTube.

A video they posted like back in January. It’s at about 5 mins in.

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I don’t have to tell my friends and family very much, I just show them my camera system and they’re hooked. Some who could not afford a security system at all can afford your products. Sells itself after exposure to the results.


Any chance for an outdoor battery powered camera?

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Welcome to the community, @mac. A quick SEARCH of the forum yielded these. :slight_smile:
Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam
Battery Operated Wyze Cam - #12 by NetRanger


I know (I remember your explanation) of why the Wyze storage device product development had to end. BUT, please don’t give up on it. Please don’t stop working on that solution. I really want to have local storage options for Wyze videos. Please. And Please keep us informed.


I will share your feedback with the team. :slight_smile: