Thanks for capturing a precious memory

Last Friday, my four-legged best friend and I shared a moment on the patio which was captured by my Wyze outdoor camera. You can see us (barely) in the lower right-hand corner sitting down and enjoying a nice, sunny afternoon.

While this may not seem all that significant to the random person reading this thread, it’s incredibly significant to me, as that was one of our last precious moments together before she suddenly became ill that evening.

A dog who, just the night before had the zoomies in that same yard was unable to walk a straight line. When she collapsed, I rushed her to the emergency vet.

The very kind vet staff took great care of her, but the news was grave: she had a massive tumor on her spleen - the kind that often goes undetected until it ruptures and becomes an emergency, as was the case here. Her pulse was weak, her gums were pale, her blood pressure was dangerously low, and her heart was surrounded by fluid - which an ultrasound revealed to be blood. The cancer had apparently spread to her heart and elsewhere throughout her body. I said goodbye to her that night, with the help of the staff at the veterinary ER. I couldn’t bear to see her suffer a second more.

In my grief, wanting to see her as I remembered her, something compelled me to check my footage, which is where I found this clip - which I will treasure forever.


Sorry to hear about your loss. This is such a great story and glad you have something to cherish. Know that we all will have you in our prayers and thoughts.


I’ve seen it, but hadn’t heard the term, a nice and poignant image you’ve painted of your buddy, cheers… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I appreciate it. It’s so unfair that our furry companions don’t live as long as we do.


So true. They do teach us to take a breath and enjoy life. :slight_smile:

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Just revisiting this thread as it popped up as recent.

My mom and dad had an old school answering machine. His voice was on the tape. After he passed, my dumba$$ sister recorded a new message over it. That was one of the two voice recordings I had of him. He smoked a pipe, and kept his tobacco in a humidor. My dumba$$ sister said she washed it as best as she could but the “smell” was still there. :triumph: